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National Immunization Awareness Month: Is Your Mom Missing Any?

Senior Home Care in Cuyahoga Falls
Senior Home Care in Cuyahoga Falls

Each August, the public is urged to ensure their immunizations are up-to-date as part of National Immunization Awareness Month. How is your mom doing? Are all of her vaccinations current, or is she missing any? Here’s why it’s essential to check and schedule boosters if she needs them.

Vaccines Prevent the Spread of Disease and Protect Against Serious Complications

The goal of a vaccination is to prevent the spread of disease from one person to another. But, it also helps protect your mom from severe complications with some diseases. If she gets the yearly flu shot, she may still get the flu, but she’s less likely to end up with pneumonia.

The same is true of many immunizations. By getting shots and boosters, she’s less likely to end up with lockjaw (tetanus), shingles (related to chickenpox), etc. It protects her from severe illness. Some vaccinations significantly reduce the risk of her ever getting certain diseases.

What Vaccinations Should She Have?

Many of the vaccinations your mom had as a child last a lifetime. There are others where she needs a booster every year or ten years.

The flu shot is a yearly booster. As the strains of flu change each year, the shot is given yearly, often right before peak flu season. Immunities take a couple of weeks to build after getting a flu shot, so your mom should aim for her yearly flu shot in October.

The COVID booster isn’t recommended for all ages, but your mom should talk to her doctor if she’s at high risk of a weakened immune system. If she has cancer, her doctor may recommend a booster.

The TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) booster is given every ten years. This protects against three diseases.

Has your mom had her two shingles shots? If not, it’s time. Shingles is a recurrence of chickenpox that can cause severe nerve pain and a rash. It’s a two-dose vaccination series, so if she’s only had one, it’s time to get the second.

Finally, the pneumococcal vaccination is vital after the age of 65. It helps protect against pneumonia and meningitis. A booster may be necessary after a year, depending on the vaccine.

Arrange Home Care Services for Rides and Help Around the Home

After getting her vaccinations, your mom may not be very active for a day or two. Please arrange to have home care aides help her while she gets through the symptoms. Some may not bother her at all, but shingles are one that people often find makes them tired and very achy for a couple of days.

Who helps your mom keep up with her personal and companion care needs? Is someone around to ensure her medications are refilled on time, and she sees her doctor each year? With senior home care services, your mom can keep up with her immunizations and health.


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