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5 Ways to Help Your Senior to Improve Brain Health

Senior Home Care in Stow OH: Brain Health
Senior Home Care in Stow OH: Brain Health


During Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, it’s a good time to talk with your senior about what she can start doing now to protect her brain health. If your elderly family member has already experienced memory issues or is otherwise concerned about her Alzheimer’s disease risk, talk with her doctor about testing now. If she isn’t already dealing with the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease, then focusing on keeping her brain as healthy as possible is going to be helpful for your senior going forward. Can Senior Home Care Help?


Address Dietary Changes

Your senior’s diet affects every aspect of her health, including her brain health. Eating foods that support brain health might mean making some changes to how she’s used to eating. A well-balanced diet that includes a mix of lots of types of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein can help to improve your senior’s brain health. It has the added benefit of improving her overall health, too.


Include Exercise Every Day

Regular exercise, especially cardio exercise, is great for brain health because it improves blood flow throughout the body, including to the brain. Consistent exercise also helps to improve overall health for your elderly family member, which is necessary as well for brain health. The most important part of any exercise program is that your senior is moving in ways that she enjoys because that will help her to stick with those movements.


Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep is essential for physical well-being, but it’s also vital to brain health. Solid sleep helps the brain to remove waste from the brain and keep the brain functioning properly. If your senior’s sleep habits are off, that is likely to throw off her entire day, which ends up creating a vicious cycle for her. Senior care at home can help her to stay on target and find a daily schedule that fully supports her needs.


Increase Social Engagement

Another way that home care can make a big difference in your senior’s day is by helping her to have more social engagement every day. Aging adults often find it more difficult to easily spend time with other people, especially if health issues are making that more difficult. Having someone there with your senior regularly can offer that big of companionship that she needs.


Focus on Heart Health

Making decisions that support your senior’s heart health can also help with brain health. Overall, the healthier your senior’s heart is, the healthier she’s likely to be overall. Talk with your senior’s doctor about what changes she might start making that support a healthier heart. The answers might be a lot simpler than you expect, and senior care at home can make it easier to hit those targets every day, too.

It is also important for your elderly family member to keep up with any other health issues she is facing. Regular checkups with her doctor can help your senior to stay on top of anything that might impact her brain health down the road.


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