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Personal Care at Home: How To Create An Emergency Binder For A Senior Loved One

Personal Care at Home in Medina OH: Emergency Care
Personal Care at Home in Medina OH: Emergency Care

Personal Care at Home: Taking care of senior loved ones can mean a lot of paperwork.

Medical records, insurance information, medication information, financial information, and much more all have to be easily accessible and organized. One of the most efficient ways to compile all the information that you will need to have during a medical emergency is to create an emergency binder for your senior loved one or loved ones. When you have an emergency binder it makes it easy for you or for a personal care at home provider who is with your senior loved ones to find any medical information that is needed immediately. Keep the binder in an easy to access spot in your senior loved one’s home so that your senior, a personal care at home provider, or you can grab it quickly if your senior loved one ends up needing to go to the hospital.

What You Need

To create an emergency binder you need a large three-ring binder, a package of dividers, and a good amount of plastic sleeve protectors. It’s a good idea to get a binder that is brightly colored or eye-catching but you can choose whatever kind of binder you like the best.

What Goes In The Binder

You can add or subtract from this list in a way that makes sense to you but in general, the emergency binder should contain:

Emergency Contacts

The first page of the binder should contain at least four emergency contacts. Besides your contact information you can list a spouse, siblings, neighbors, or anyone that would be likely to go to with your senior loved one to the hospital in an emergency situation. You should also put the numbers for any private ambulance companies in your areas or senior transportation services.

Insurance Information

When there is an emergency it can be very difficult to focus on tracking down insurance information. Put a copy of your senior loved one’s insurance cards, the insurance ID number and group number in the binder. It’s also a good idea to put telephone numbers to reach the insurance company and any other insurance related information in the binder. If your senior loved one has Medicare and a supplement policy put information for all of the insurance policies in the binder.

Copies Of Medical Records and Legal Papers

Keep a copy of your senior loved one’s most recent medical records and any legal paperwork like a DNR or other statement of their wishes in the binder. If you have a power of attorney to make medical decisions for your senior loved one keep a  notarized copy of that document in the binder.

Medication Information

Make a list of any medications that your loved one is currently taking and the dose amount for each medication. In an emergency the medical staff may need to know this information quickly and having it at your fingertips will save them the time of looking it up.

Medical emergencies can’t always be helped, but you can be prepared to make sure that your senior loved one gets the care they need quickly by having the information that the medical staff needs easy to find.


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