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The 4 Personal Care Aids Seniors Rely On Most

Personal Care at Home in Kent OH: Personal Care Aids
Personal Care at Home in Kent OH: Personal Care Aids

When your senior loved one starts to have difficulty with personal care tasks that’s the time to talk about personal care at home. Don’t wait to discuss personal care at home with your senior loved one because if you wait for them to bring it up they probably won’t. As soon as you notice that they are not keeping themselves as put together as usual you should ask them if they need some assistance. In addition to personal care at home services, there are dressing and bathing products that are designed for seniors who have arthritis and other medical conditions that can make personal care difficult.

Some of the senior personal care aids that all seniors should have include:

Long Handled Brushes And Combs

Long handles brushes and combs have exceptionally long handles that are easy to grasp. The handles are curved so that your senior loved one can hold them without clenching their hands and they can brush or comb their hair without having to raise their arms very far. These combs and brushes won’t fit neatly inside the medicine cabinet or a purse but they will make it possible for your senior loved one to brush or comb their hair when they don’t have a care provider there to help them. Furthermore, a long-handled brush for the shower can help to clean their backs, where they cannot reach.

Sock Aids

Putting on socks can be extremely difficult for seniors, especially if they need to wear tight compression socks or compression hose to help their circulation. There are several different types of sock aids that allow seniors or a care provider to put the sock on the device so that the senior can easily pull the sock up over their foot. If your senior loved one wears compression hose that are very constricting they may need an actual care provider to help them put on the hose. But for seniors who just need a little help getting their socks on in the morning or who need assistance putting on some socks to go to bed in a sock aid can be a big help.

Button Hooks

Buttoning buttons is difficult for seniors that have poor grip strength, poor dexterity, or conditions that affect the use of their hands like lupus or arthritis. Many auto-immune disorders cause hand weakness and joint problems. A simple button hook can allow seniors to easily button-up shirts and pants or skirts so that they can wear the clothes they want to wear. Button hooks also work for buttoning coats or fastening shoes. It’s a good idea to get a few button hooks and leave them in the bathroom, the bedroom, and in other places around the house because they are small and easy to lose.

Zipper Pull Tabs

Pulling up zippers is also difficult for seniors who have weakness or pain in their hands. Zipper pull tabs attach to the zippers on your senior loved one’s pants, jackets, and other pieces of clothing and give them an easy-to-grip cord they can pull to pull the zipper closed.


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