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Mental Health: Share These Tips About the Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

Homecare in Canton OH: Mental health
Homecare in Canton OH: Mental health

Mental Health: Does your elderly loved one think that exercising is all about the physical aspects?

If so, they are not alone. Many people believe that exercising is about building stronger muscles, losing weight, and improving overall physical fitness. However, there are many mental health benefits of exercising, as well. You should share these benefits with your elderly loved one. It might encourage them to exercise more often.

Lowering Stress Levels

One of the greatest mental health benefits of exercising is lowering stress levels. There are far too many people in this world who struggle with severe stress. If your elderly loved one even has mild stress, exercising can help them. Research shows that exercising, even 30 minutes a day, can help to significantly decrease stress.

Releasing More Endorphins

Did your elderly loved one know that the endorphins released in the body help them to feel good? These are, feel good-chemicals that are naturally found in the body. They help people to feel happier. This is why doctors often advise their patients who are suffering from depression to work out. Working out releases more endorphins which reduces depression and increases happiness. If your elderly loved one is feeling sad, you or their home care providers can encourage them to exercise a few times every week.

Boosted Confidence

Another mental health benefit of exercising is boosting one’s confidence. If your elderly loved one doesn’t feel so great about their body, they don’t have to stay feeling like that. In fact, research shows that most people who exercise regularly start feeling better about their bodies. Even those who don’t lose a lot of weight still feel good about their body and about themselves when they exercise. This could be a benefit that your elderly loved one gets from exercising, as well.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the other mental health benefits of exercising is preventing Alzheimer’s disease. While there is no guarantee that your elderly loved one won’t get this disease, exercising can lower their risk. This is because exercising keeps blood flowing properly to the brain. This helps to prevent degenerative brain conditions.

Mental Health: Conclusion

These are some of the best mental health benefits of exercising. If your elderly loved one isn’t exercising regularly, you and home care providers can encourage them to start doing it more regularly. If needed, you can even help your elderly loved one create an exercise routine or schedule.


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