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In-Home Care: Is It Time to Have Your Dad’s Hearing Checked?

In-Home Care in Medina OH: Hearing
In-Home Care in Medina OH: Hearing

In-Home Care: Half of those who are 75 or older experience hearing loss.

The level of loss is disabling and makes it hard to handle some daily routines. Making or answering a phone call is difficult when you struggle to hear the caller. October is National Audiology Awareness Month. It’s a good time to discuss the hearing loss with your dad. Find out if he’s been tested and schedule an appointment. In-Home Care can be a great help with this by taking your senior to an appointment. When he goes for a hearing test, this is what he should expect.

Steps to a Hearing Test

One of the tests that occur during a full hearing test is an audiometry test. Your dad puts on headphones and listens for sounds. When he hears it, he presses a button or raises his hand. This helps the doctor understand if there are any tones that your dad is unable to hear.

A tympanometry test checks for bone damage, a perforated eardrum, and fluid or wax buildup within the ear. It can also determine if there are tumors within the ear. Acoustic reflex testing is done simultaneously and helps determine if issues with the brainstem or cranial nerves impact your mom’s hearing. For a test, a plug is put into the ear and changes the pressure or makes noises.

The speech discrimination test, also known as the word recognition test, helps determine if your dad can pick up speech with background noise. It can help determine if his hearing would be helped with certain hearing aids. He’ll listen to words in a recording and repeats the words he hears.


What Happens If He Has Hearing Loss?

What if the test results show your Dad has hearing loss? He’s not alone. It may cause him stress, but he has options. A hearing aid to help amplify the words and sounds he hears is one way to help her with hearing loss.

Depending on the cause of the hearing loss, there may be other treatment options. If it’s linked to too much wax, the doctor can remove the wax and may recommend home kits to help with wax removal. If it’s a tumor, it may be surgically removed to restore his hearing. His doctors will go over the cause and suggest options.

Don’t let your dad’s hearing affect his daily life. If he has a hard time hearing someone on the phone, assistance with appointment scheduling can make a difference to him. It is also helpful to look at home care services like transportation, shopping assistance, and an escort to medical and dental appointments. Call an In-Home Care agency and schedule services today.

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