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Everything Your Family Needs to Consider About Aging at Home

In-Home Care in Stow OH: Aging in Place
In-Home Care in Stow OH: Aging in Place

When considering your mom’s goals as she ages, you can’t ignore her safety. As much as she wants to be independent, it’s clear that she’s not having an easy time. Her home is a little challenging when her arthritis flares up.

It’s time to sit down with your mom and discuss the realities of aging at home by hiring an in-home care services provider. Here are the questions you need to ask and points to talk about.


What’s Her Home Layout?

The layout of her home can impact the ease she experiences when living alone. If she’s in a larger home with multiple floors, how well does she do with walking up and down the stairs? Is her laundry room in the basement or on the main floor?

When possible, a bedroom on the main floor makes it easy for her to manage. She won’t have to climb the stairs to go up to her bedroom or down the stairs to wash her clothing, towels, and sheets. If there’s a den or unused room that could be converted to a bedroom, invest the time.

If there’s no way to put in a bedroom downstairs, there’s a chance that she’ll need a stairlift added at some point. Consider that when determining the home’s accessibility.

You also want to heighten safety by adding grab bars in the bathroom. Non-slip flooring in the bathroom and throughout the home is helpful. Remove throw rugs if there are any, as they can slip or catch toes and cause people to trip and fall.

How Far Is She From Helpful Services?

How far is your mom’s home from services that help her as she ages? Is she minutes from her doctor or hours? How about the hospital, pharmacy, and stores? If your mom no longer drives, who is available to drive her each week?

If there’s an emergency, how long does it take for EMTs to reach your mom? Does she have a neighbor close by or is she in a rural location where homes are not close to each other? If she has close neighbors, do you know them? Make sure they have your contact information.

You also want to consider how far you are from your mom. That can impact how much help you can offer her each day. Does she have other family members or close friends nearby? How much time can they spend helping your mom throughout the week?

If she’s alone all week, it’s important to talk about elder care services. Companion care is especially helpful as she’ll have someone to talk to and help her out as needed.


Call an Elder Care Agency

Build a to-do list based on the things your mom is able to do on her own and the tasks where she needs help. From there, call an elder care agency. Discuss the services that will most benefit your mom and learn more about elder care services you may be overlooking.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering In-Home Care in Stow, OH, please contact the caring staff at Autumn Hills Home Care, LLC today. (330) 217-6090

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