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How Your Senior Parent Can Benefit From 24 Hour Home Care

Home Care in Green OH: 24 Hour Home Care
Home Care in Green OH: 24 Hour Home Care

If your senior loved one is aging in place you probably already know about the benefits of having home care assistance for your loved one during the day. Maybe you already have a care provider to help your senior loved one with things like shopping and housecleaning during the day. But what about at night? Sometimes family members don’t think about the benefits of having 24-hour home care for seniors.

Having help around the house during the day is great, and it’s necessary for many seniors. But at night seniors need help too. A large number of seniors find that they have anxiety and loneliness at night. Often that’s when seniors who have suffered a loss feel the saddest and most vulnerable. When your senior loved one has 24-hour home care they are never alone. That can make a huge difference in their overall health and happiness. Some of the befits of 24-hour home care include:


Seniors who are living in their own homes alone are sometimes a target for crimes. Having a security system and other safety measures can help keep your senior parent safe but sometimes just having someone else in the house with them can also be a deterrent for criminals. If they know that your senior loved one isn’t alone they are less likely to think that it would be easy to get away with a crime. And having someone in the home may make your senior parent feel more secure at night which is also very important.

Medication Management

If your senior loved one has to take medications before bed, as many seniors do, having a care provider there to oversee their medication can prevent serious medication mixups. Sometimes seniors take the wrong medicine or the wrong dose, forget to take their medicine, or take their medication incorrectly when it’s late and they are tired. 24-hour home care ensures that someone will be there to make sure that your senior loved one takes only the medication they are supposed to take and that they take it consistently the way they are supposed to.


Many seniors struggle to get enough restful sleep because they are anxious or sad at night when they are all alone. The symptoms of depression can be worse at night too. Having a trusted caregiver there to talk with can provide a lot of comfort for seniors who need it. A care provider that stays with your senior loved one overnight can read to your senior parent, play cards with them, or just watch TV with them to help them feel connected and less lonely.

Immediate Help

Often when a senior fall they fall at night trying to get up for a drink of water or to get to the bathroom. If your senior falls at night and they don’t have 24-hour home care they could end up alone in pain or seriously injured for hours until someone comes to the house. With 24-hour home care, your senior loved ones can get immediate help if they fall or get hurt.


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