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Pet Fish For Seniors

Home Care in Wadsworth OH: Pet Fish
Home Care in Wadsworth OH: Pet Fish

Numerous studies demonstrate that pet ownership benefits the elderly.

However, not all animals make good pets, and it can be dangerous for seniors if they choose the wrong animal. Immobile seniors may not benefit from dogs, and it may hurt the dog. Luckily, there are perfect pet choices for many seniors, all with various lifestyle habits. Sometimes something like a fish that’s easy to take care of can have huge mental health benefits for seniors even when they can’t move around often.  Seniors may struggle with loneliness. Even when you try your best to regularly get to your aging parents, they may need more time than that. Understandably, not all grown children have the time that seniors need, and if this sounds like you, it’s time to consider home care providers for your senior parents. A pet may help during the nights and evenings when home care providers cannot be there or when you are not there for them. There are reasons why fish can be a better choice than the typical pet dog or cat.

Dogs and cats, the most popular senior pets, need daily grooming and feeding and regular exercise, which many senior pet owners cannot provide. In addition, pets such as dogs and cats may be a threat to their elderly owners, resulting in the pet inflicting more harm than good. Fish need very little of this and will not attack the senior providing care. Take a look at a few more reasons why a pet fish may be a better solution for your senior.


Fish Breeds That Can Live In Smaller Bowls

One of the many drawbacks of owning cats or dogs is that they need a lot of space. Cats may live inside only, but they still like to live in a big space. Dogs not only need a home with a lot of space, but they also need to get outside and run around, which can be a problem for seniors, especially if they have downsized their homes.

  • Bettas
    In addition to being little and gorgeous, Bettas (also known as Japanese fighting fish) have long, flowing tails and come in various colors. Remember to keep them alone since they will battle their bowl partner to death. There are fewer water changes and bowl cleanings needed with bettas since they are quite sanitary.
  • Goldfish
    Goldfish are the most popular pet fish in the United States, and fancy-tailed goldfish are visually appealing. Keeping a school of fish is OK as long as your aquarium can hold the quantity of fish you’ve bought. Remember that goldfish are messy eaters. Their water becomes murky rapidly, so they aren’t a great choice unless the senior, a family member, or a caretaker often cleans the bowl.
  • Guppies
    They may be found in various hues, including metallic ones, and like to be in groups. If you don’t buy the same sex, you’ll end up with guppy puppies before you know it, which can be overwhelming. However, these are the hardiest type of fish a senior can buy, and they can survive even with little water.

Why choose a fish as a pet? They are low maintenance, cheap, and easy to take care of. They will never trip a senior or be responsible for a fall, and they don’t need to go outside ever. Feeding requirements are easy for most fish types, and they can make super fun pets.


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