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Home Care: Holiday Scams That Target Seniors

Home Care: Holiday Scams
Home Care: Holiday Scams

Home Care: Seniors are often the targets of scammers who think that seniors will be easy to scam.

And in some cases it’s true. Every year seniors lose millions of dollars to scams that are designed specifically to get seniors to give up their financial information and personal information. But during the holidays the scammers are out in even bigger numbers than usual. There are several ways you can help your seniors stay safe from being scammed, including having a home care provider who can run interference by answering the phone. Your senior loved one’s home care provider can also help them shop safely online. Some of the holiday based scams that target seniors include:

Fake Charities

People are much more likely to donate to charity during the holidays. In order to take advantage of this generosity, scammers will make up fake charities and call seniors to solicit donations. But they can be very sophisticated in their sales pitches. Often they will make up charities that have names very similar to well-known charities hoping that seniors won’t notice the small difference in the name. A good way to combat this scam is to insist on getting a physical address where a check can be sent instead of giving any payment information over the phone. Any real charity will give your senior loved one an address and will accept checks. If they insist on payment over the phone it’s probably a scam.

Grandchild In Trouble

Another popular holiday scam that targets seniors is a variation of the “grandchild in trouble” scam. In this scam, someone will contact your senior loved one either by phone or through email or social media claiming to be their grandchild who is traveling to see your senior loved one but is stranded in an airport or bus station and needs money to complete their journey. These scams are designed to get seniors to give up their credit card information to buy plane tickets, bus tickets, or hotel rooms. One way to keep your senior loved one safe from this type of scam is for you to monitor their social media.

Home Care: Discount Codes

During the holiday season, your senior loved one may want to try online shopping in order to get the best possible deals. Since seniors are often not very Internet savvy they may not know the difference between fake and reputable coupon code sites. If they click on a pop-up or use a site that isn’t safe they could end up giving thieves their credit card information or their bank account information. A good way for you and your home care provider to keep your senior loved one safe from this type of scam is to give them prepaid cards to use for holiday shopping. Put only a small amount of money on the card just in case they do get scammed. That way if they do give up the credit card information they won’t lose too much and the card will be easy to replace with another prepaid card.


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