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National Garden Month: Celebrate the Benefits of Gardening Together

Home Care Assistance in Canton OH: Gardening
Home Care Assistance in Canton OH: Gardening

President Reagan signed the legislation that created April’s National Gardening Week back in 1986. The National Gardening Association expanded to cover the entire month of April in 2002. April is the perfect time to start gardens. Northern states have the right growing conditions for cool weather crops like radishes and lettuce while southern states can start planting crops that must be protected from frosts. A home care assistance services provider can help your senior with this.

Whether you’re new to gardening or have done it for years, this is the ideal time for you to join your parents and engage in a hobby together. Check out the benefits of gardening as a family.


It’s an Outlet for Physical Activity


Gardening gets the family outside and engaging in physical activity. Digging with a shovel, bending over to weed, and moving around a wheelbarrow works the muscles. Walking out to the garden and up and down the roads is exercise.


Plus, it’s exercise your parents enjoy outside in the fresh air and sun. That provides them with a bit of vitamin D, which benefits the bones. Fresh air and nature are also beneficial in reducing stress.


All Ages Can Participate


All ages can garden. It’s not just a hobby for adults. Teens and younger grandchildren all enjoy gardening. You could have the teens operating the rototiller. Children could help pull the weeds that have been loosened with a rake or shovel.

Before you even start, ask what everyone loves to eat. Your kids may want to grow strawberries. Your parents want the vegetables they eat in salads, like cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes. You want some leafy greens and squash.

Once you know what people want to grow, work together to map out the garden layout. You won’t want tall tomato plants blocking spinach from the sun. Come up with a plan that gives everything space to grow and ample sunlight.


Everyone Enjoys Fresh Produce

As the crops are harvested, everyone in the family enjoys fresh produce. You can split the zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables that are ready. If there is still too much, donate it to the local food shelf or freeze it to last through the winter.


Who Helps Your Parents When You’re Busy?

You can’t be with your parents 24/7 if you have a job, school, or other obligations. Who helps your parents out when you’re busy? You can’t ignore your work duties, family life, and household chores to spend every minute with your parents, so you need to find the right balance between their care needs and your self-care.


When you have other obligations, there are ways to protect your parents from being alone. With home care assistance, your parents have caregivers to help them with daily activities like meals, personal care, and housekeeping. Talk to a home care assistance specialist to make arrangements.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Assistance in Canton, OH, please contact the caring staff at Autumn Hills Home Care, LLC today. (330) 217-6090

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