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Home Care Assistance: 4 Tips for Helping Your Parents Adjust to Home Care Aides

Home Care Assistance in Kent OH: Assistance Services
Home Care Assistance in Kent OH: Assistance Services

Home Care Assistance: It’s time for your parents to have home care assistance services.

They’re nervous, and you worry that they won’t cooperate. How can you get them to adjust to their home care aides? Home Care Assistance can be a huge help to both you and your elderly loved one.


Have Them Talk to Family and Friends Who Have Caregivers

Your dad’s sister has a caregiver. Have him sit down and talk to his neighbor about her experiences. Hearing stories from others can make the adjustment easier for him if he knows what to expect.

Your mom and dad’s neighbor has home care assistance services. Have that neighbor come over for tea. During the tea, they can learn more about the neighbor’s daily routine. That also will help assure your parents that caregivers are there to help maintain independence and safety without making them feel helpless.


Being In The Home Without Being In the Way

Your parents may feel more comfortable for the first few days if you are in their home. You don’t have to be in the way. If you still work, see if you can work from home for a few days. Set up your laptop in a den or quiet room away from the activity.

While you’re working, your parents adjust to their new caregiver. If the caregiver has questions or needs your help for a few minutes, you’re nearby. Otherwise, let the caregiver and your parents adjust to each other.


Ensure That They’re Involved in the Planning

Your parents need to be an integral part of the planning process. When you call a home care agency, have your parents with you. Let them ask any questions they have. If you’ve heard them ask things that they don’t mention to the home care assistance expert, ask those questions for them.

If you’re allowed to interview prospective caregivers, your parents need to be part of that, too. Let them ask questions and get to know the caregivers. After the caregivers hang up or leave, get your parents’ input. Narrow down the list to their favorites.


Home Care Assistance: Reassure Them That Nothing Is Locked in Stone

Once they have chosen services or a specific caregiver, reassure them that changes are easy to make. If they have someone helping out and find there is a personality clash, you can always ask for a different caregiver.

Your parents can also add and remove services as they need. Your mom may not want a caregiver to do her laundry. After a few weeks, she loves her caregiver and wishes the caregiver would also do laundry and ironing. It’s easy to make these adjustments as needed.

Trust in a home care assistance agency to have a plan in place to make the adjustment easy. Remember that these are trained professionals who have helped hundreds of older adults over the years. Your parents’ home care assistance specialists will know what to do to make the arrangement work out.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Assistance in Kent, OH, please contact the caring staff at Autumn Hills Home Care, LLC today. (330) 217-6090

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