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Home Care: 4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Motivated To Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Home Care in Green OH: Exercise
Home Care in Green OH: Exercise

Home Care: Most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions before the end of January.

And that’s a shame because finding ways to make positive lifestyle changes is a great way to stay busy and engaged throughout the winter. Seniors who have committed to getting healthier may need some motivation from a family caregiver or a home care provider to keep trying to make their New Year’s resolutions become healthy lifestyle changes. Some things that you or a home care provider can do to help your senior loved one stay motivated and stay on track are:

Help Them Set Achievable Goals

One of the reasons why seniors fail at making lifestyle changes is that they don’t set achievable goals. It’s easy to say that you want to eat healthier but that’s not a measurable or achievable goal. An achievable goal would be saying that you were going to not eat pizza during the week anymore or eat at least one vegetable at every meal. You or a home care provider should sit down with your senior loved one and go over their New Year’s resolutions. Take those resolutions and use them to create a series of achievable goals.

Celebrate Every Success

Every success should be celebrated! Even small successes are important because they add up to big changes over time. So make a point of celebrating your senior loved one’s successes. If your senior loved one went for a walk around the block for the first time or went for a walk three times during the week celebrate that. Just make sure that you’re celebrating in healthy ways. You can buy your senior loved ones little gifts or give them cards to celebrate their successes instead of giving them rewards like candy.

Use Motivation Messages 

Motivation messages are very easy to do but they can have a powerful impact on your senior loved one. Just write out little messages of support and motivation for your senior loved one and put them all over the house. Put some in your senior loved one’s purse or jacket pocket. Tape them up on the fridge or the bathroom mirror. Call your senior loved one’s phone and leave a voice message of support for them. Or you can program the smart speaker to give your senior loved one random messages of support throughout the day. Your senior loved one will be thrilled to get little boosts of support from you.

Track Their Progress

Another motivational tool that works very well for seniors is to track their progress in making healthy changes. Create a giant calendar on posterboard and have your senior loved on mark off each day that they achieve their goal. So if they go for a walk, don’t have dessert, get eight hours of sleep, or whatever the goal is they can see their progress on the calendar. Science shows that seeing an unbroken line of marks on the calendar can motivate people to keep doing those things so that they don’t break the chain.


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