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Home Care: 4 Great Gifts For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Home Care in Cuyahoga Falls OH: Senior Gifts
Home Care in Cuyahoga Falls OH: Senior Gifts

Home Care: Your senior parent with Alzheimer’s may not always know when it’s a holiday or their birthday but that just means that you can get them gifts anytime.

Everyone likes gifts. In addition to things like flowers or food gifts, there are some things that home care providers or family caregivers can get for a senior loved with Alzheimer’s for Christmas, holidays, or birthdays that will help stay safe and engaged at home like:

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames have come a long way. These days they can hold dozens of videos and even short video clips. Large size digital photos frames designed for seniors with dementia have screens the size of a tablet so they are easy for seniors to see even from across the room. Load the frame with family photos and videos and your loved one can sit and watch the people they love the most for hours. And it’s easy to change the photos and videos that are displayed so you can update them periodically and load new ones.

Sturdy Slip On Shoes

Every senior needs some sturdy slip-on shoes, especially seniors with Alzheimer’s who tend to wander on different kinds of terrain. You should find one or two styles that fit your senior parent well and plan on getting them a new pair or two for each holiday or for their birthday so that they will always have several pairs of sturdy shoes to wear. Home Care providers will also appreciate that you keep your senior parent stocked up on sturdy shoes and other clothing items.

Family Trees With Photos

Caregivers that want to make a great gift for your senior parent, or if you would like to have your kids make a heartfelt gift for their grandparent with Alzheimer’s you can make a family photo tree. Use a large sheet of poster board and glue photos of your parent’s family on it. Label each photo with the name of your parent’s sibling, mother, father, or other relatives. Then you can hang that in their living room or bedroom so that every time your loved one looks at it they will remember the family members they care about. You can also do a family photo tree of you and your siblings for your senior parent with Alzheimer’s.

Home Care: Large Cups With Sturdy Handles

Many Alzheimer’s patients are chronically dehydrated. They tend to forget to drink water or other liquids throughout the day. And as they get older and deal with other health problems it can be difficult for them to carry a cup. Often they will put down a glass of water or juice because they are having a hard time holding it then they will forget about it.

There are large lightweight cups designed for seniors that have large easy to grip handles on both sides, sort of like a larger version of a child’s sippy cup. They can hold hot or cold liquids and they make it easy for your senior loved one to enjoy coffee, tea, water, and other drinks in a cup they can easily carry around.


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