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Companion Care at Home: Can a Companion Do More Than Keep Your Mom Company?

Companion Care at Home
Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home: Families learn about companion care and often don’t realize all that it entails.

It’s more about having someone to sit with your mom for an hour or two. Companion care at home does cover visits, but caregivers also offer various other services that keep your mom independent as she ages at home.


Assistance Planning and Preparing Snacks and Meals

Companion care extends beyond regular visits. Your mom’s caregiver can create a weekly meal plan with her. With that meal plan, they can build a shopping list together and shop for groceries. Her caregiver carries in the groceries for your mom, too.

When it comes time to eat, the caregiver cooks, serves the meals, and does the dishes afterward. If your mom wants someone to join her for the meal, that’s another option with companion care at home.


Help With Housework and Laundry

If your mom has a hard time keeping the house clean or doing the laundry, it’s not a problem. She can have her caregivers do everything from vacuum the carpets to wipe down fixtures. Your mom’s caregivers can do the laundry, iron any clothes that need ironing, and put the clean clothes away.

Other housekeeping chores offered by caregivers include loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping and mopping floors, clearing clutter, and organizing cupboards. If your mom has a cat and needs help doing the cat litter boxes, some caregivers offer services like those, too.


Reminders When It’s Time to Take Medications or Order Refills

Most older adults take at least one medication. Your mom takes daily calcium or vitamin D supplements in addition to her prescription medications. She often forgets to take her pills when she gets up. It puts her health at risk.

She’s also having a hard time remembering to order refills. When she does order them, she can’t get to the pharmacy on her own. She can have caregivers help with medication reminders, refill management, and rides to and from her pharmacy.


Transportation to Stores, Medical Offices, and Other Locations

Caregivers can drive your mom around. If she no longer drives, she doesn’t have to stay at home. She can have her caregiver take her to the museum for a tour. She has a helper to drive her to medical appointments and back. Rides to the area senior center, park, and her friends’ homes, are also available if needed.


Companion care at home offers more than you might think. Find out all there is to know about the services that help your mom remain independent. Call a home care agency to learn more about companion care at home.

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