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4 Things Family Caregivers Can Do To Get Better Sleep

Companion Care at Home in Kent OH: Sleep
Companion Care at Home in Kent OH: Sleep

Companion Care at Home: If you’re a family caregiver for a senior loved one that is also balancing other responsibilities like work and family you are probably not sleeping very well. Most caregivers struggle to shut up their worries and anxieties at night and get the restorative sleep they need. If you have had situations where your senior loved one has had a fall or an emergency in the middle of the night it can be even harder to relax enough to get sleep because you’re waiting for that emergency phone call in the middle of the night. You might just wonder if help such as companion care at home services is for you and your senior.

But sleep is just as important for your health as it is for your senior loved one’s health. Your physical and mental health will suffer if you aren’t getting at least seven hours of restorative sleep. A few things that you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and get more sleep are:


Companion Care For Seniors

A companion care at home provider will give you the peace of mind that you need to shut off your anxieties at night and sleep. They can stay with your senior parent overnight so that they will have someone with them in case something happens. You won’t have to worry about your senior loved one falling or having a health emergency and being alone in the middle of the night if there is a companion care provider with them during the night.


Set A Bedtime And Stick To It

Having a regular bedtime is important for getting good sleep. Setting a bedtime routine and going to bed at the same time each night will help regulate your Circadian rhythm so that you get sleepy at the same time each night and start to sleep more soundly. It may be tough to get to bed at the same time every night but it’s worth the effort.


Turn Off The Electronics

Scrolling through your phone or your tablet is one of the things that is killing your ability to sleep at night. Study after study has shown that being exposed to the blue light from cell phones and tablets can disrupt sleep. Turn off all of your electronics at least thirty minutes before you want to go to sleep. It’s best to put your devices in another room at night. But if you need to have a cell phone near you in case of an emergency call put it in a drawer next to your bed so that you’re not tempted to pick it up and start scrolling


A very effective way to deal with nighttime anxiety and worries is to write three pages of stream of consciousness writing in a notebook just before you go to bed. By writing out all of your fears, worries, and anxieties you get them out of your mind and onto the page. That should make it easier to relax and get the hours of peaceful sleep that you need to thrive.


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