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24-Hour Home Care: Hypertension Prevention Tips for the Elderly

24-Hour Home Care in Green OH: Hypertension
24-Hour Home Care in Green OH: Hypertension

24-Hour Home Care: Many senior citizens have hypertension.

If your elderly loved one has high blood pressure, this could be causing many other issues in their life, such as dizziness. High blood pressure can also increase your elderly loved one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, as well. The good news is there are many hypertension prevention tips that you and elderly care providers can use with your elderly loved one. By doing these things, you can help to lower their blood pressure and keep it down. 24-Hour Home Care can help you to take control of your senior’s blood pressure.

Paying Attention to Medications

There are some medications that can actually raise blood pressure. For example, many senior citizens take NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory medications. These medications can cause fluid retention. When this happens, the kidneys may not work as well as they should. That is what may cause an increase in blood pressure. If this is a type of medication that your elderly loved one takes, you and elderly care providers should check their blood pressure regularly. If one of you notices an increase in their blood pressure, you should talk to their doctor about other medications they can take instead.

Healthy Weight Management

Another way that your elderly loved one can prevent high blood pressure is by managing their weight. Research shows that being overweight or obese can cause high blood pressure. This is because the extra weight puts a lot of extra strain on the body. In addition, many foods and drinks that people who are overweight or obese eat or drink can lead to high blood pressure. If your elderly loved one needs some help losing weight, maybe you or an elderly care provider can exercise with them or make nutritious meals for them.

Eating More Magnesium-Filled Foods

If your elderly loved one doesn’t already do so, you should have them eat more magnesium-filled foods. Research shows that these foods can help lower blood pressure and prevent it in the first place. Two of the best foods to meet these criteria are leafy green vegetables and nuts.

24-Hour Home Care: Conclusion

These are just some of the many different hypertension prevention tips that you and elderly care providers can use with your elderly loved one. If you can help your elderly loved one to implement all of these tips, they should be able to lower and manage their blood pressure quite well.

If, at any time, you are concerned about your elderly loved one’s high blood pressure, get them medical attention. It is always best to have something like this checked out, even if you aren’t sure whether something is wrong. Calling for help from 24-Hour Home Care should be considered.


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